Zeilmakerij UBS B.V.

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Welcome to the sailmaker UBS

In 1989 Untited Baltic Sails was founded as a joint venture with the Polish sailmaker Bryt-Sails from Gdansk for making sails. Until today our sails are produced there by approximately 25 colleagues. In 2002, Hans van der Lee became in charge of the company.

Initially, we mainly worked for the traditional sailing charter business. But soon we started producing sails for recreational sailing with growing success. This development lasted for the following years.

At the same time the demand for repairs and maintenance grew constantly. To meet this demand we founded an independent department in Enkhuizen, the Netherlands under the name “Zeilmakerij UBS” (Sailmaker UBS). In the recent years this department was under control of Patrick van de Walle. Here, sails are adjusted and repaired, in large parts in traditional craftsmanship. The departments work together were closely and we are perfectly attuned to each other. The sailmaker UBS was a great success. Due to the rapid expansion of it we moved to Medemblik in 2017.